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Development in disclosed legal case – Julius Baer continues to contest the claim




Zurich, 9 January 2020 – On 8 January 2020, Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. (the Bank) has been served with a renewed claim by the liquidator of a Lithuanian corporation in the amount of EUR 335 million plus 5% interest since December 2011. This time, the court proceeding against the Bank has been initiated in Geneva.

As reported in previous annual reports of Julius Baer Group Ltd., the Bank has repeatedly been confronted with a claim by the liquidator of a Lithuanian corporation arguing that about ten years ago the Bank did not prevent two of its clients from embezzling assets of said Lithuanian corporation. As previously disclosed, the liquidator of said corporation has unsuccessfully sued the Bank for an amount of EUR 306 million in Lithuania. The court of last instance definitively rejected its local jurisdiction on 19 October 2018, thereby terminating the litigation against the Bank in Lithuania.

The Bank continues to contest the claim vigorously while taking appropriate measures to defend its interests.