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Key Figures

Key figures of the Julius Baer Group¹

in %
Consolidated income statement
Operating income 2,852.4 2,694.4 5.9
Adjusted operating expenses 2,004.8 2,385.4 -16.0
Profit before taxes 847.6 309.0 174.3
Adjusted net profit for the Group 705.5 279.2 152.7
excluding 2015 US provision2 705.5 701.5 0.6
Cost / income ratio3 68.9% 67.2% -
Pre-tax margin (basis points) 27.1 10.7 -
Assets under management (CHF bn) 31.12.2016 31.12.2015 Change
in %
Assets under management 336.2 299.7 12.2
Net new money 11.9 12.1 -
Consolidated balance sheet (CHF m)
Total assets 96,207.2 84,115.5 14.4
Total equity 5,353.9 4,942.0 8.3
BIS total capital ratio 17.5% 19.4% -
BIS CET1 capital ratio 16.4% 18.3% -
Personnel (FTE)      
Number of employees 6,026 5,364 12.3
Number of relationship managers 1,383 1,217 13.6
Capital structure      
Number of shares 223,809,448 223,809,448 -
Market capitalisation (CHF m) 10,123 10,891 -7.0


Moody's rating Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.4 
Long-term deposit rating Aa2 Aa2
Short-term deposit rating Prime -1 Prime -1
Zurich, Switzerland SIX Swiss Exchange, under the securities number 10 248 496.
Member of the Swiss Market Index SMI.
Ticker symbols      
Bloomberg BAER VX
Reuters BAER.VX

BIS Total Capital Ratio and BIS CET1 Capital Ratio

The BIS total capital ratio of 17.5% and the BIS CET1 capital ratio of 16.4% are well above the Group's target ratios and significantly in excess of the regulatory minimums.

1 Adjusted results derived by excluding from the audited IFRS financial statements the integration and restructuring expenses as well as the amortisation of intangible assets related to previous acquisitions or divestments.
2 Excluding in 2015 the CHF 422.3 million impact on net profit of the USD 547.25 million settlement amount provisioned in connection with the final settlement with the US Department of Justice reached on 5 February 2016 concerning Julius Baer's legacy US cross-border business.
3 Calculated using adjusted operating expenses, excluding valuation allowances, provisions and losses.

4 Agency Ratings

Following the publication of its revised bank rating methodology and as initiated in March 2015, Moody’s Investors Service has concluded its rating reviews on 21 May 2015. Moody’s assigned ratings to Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. as follows:  

  • Long-Term Deposit Rating: Aa2
  • Short-Term Deposit Rating: Prime-1 (representing the highest possible short-term rating)
  • Long-Term Senior Unsecured and Issuer Rating: A2

In addition, Moody’s introduced a new rating called ‘Counterparty Risk Assessment’ for which Bank Julius Baer was assigned an Aa3(cr) for the long term and a Prime-1(cr) for the short term. The Counterparty Risk Assessment is an opinion of the counterparty risk related to a bank's covered bonds, contractual performance obligations (servicing), derivatives (e.g. swaps), letters of credit, guarantees and liquidity facilities.

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