Are you interested in understanding the global megatrends shaping our world today? Are you interested in learning about the companies positioned to benefit from these trends? Do you want to learn more about the solutions to global issues, such as water scarcity, globalisation and demographic shifts? If so, then consider Next Generation investing at Julius Baer.

What is Next Generation Investing?

The Next Generation investment philosophy at Julius Baer focuses on structural changes and fundamental imbalances within the economy and society at large and thus looks beyond short-term fads in financial markets. The objective is to seek out sustainable growth opportunities by identifying companies with a competitive advantage within structurally growing markets, for example,finding growth beyond the business cycle. In its core, Next Generation is a holistic approach to thematic investing which places greater emphasis on comprehensive risk assessment, namely by incorporating a company’s forward-looking strategy, its innovation capability and its exposure to social and environmental issues into the analysis.

Next Generation investing at Julius Baer

Our Next Generation investment philosophy provides you with products, services, publications and information channels, that place you at the leading edge of investment culture. You will gain access to investment opportunities that tackle today’s social and environmental challenges, as well as the driving trends that are shaping the world of tomorrow. The scope for investment is broad, and borne out of research covering topics such as healthcare, global ageing, and a rising middle class, among others, and can take the form of funds, mandates and stocks.

Themes covered by Next Generation

Next Generation looks at the world from a people, planet, growth perspective, tracking the consumer to detect new markets and mapping its research and investment ideas to five key themes:

  • Digital Disruption - The phenomenon of digitisation, and how it is affecting every corner of our lives.
  • Arising Asia – The emerging structural trends, including growing economies in emerging markets and changing consumer demands.
  • Shifting Lifestyles – Considering the impacts that the world’s increase in ageing population will have.
  • Feeding the World – Sustainable production for the additional 2.4 billion people the world will have by 2050.
  • Energy Transition – The shift from fossil fuels to new sources of energy.

What type of investor is Next Generation suitable for?

Next Generation is suitable for private and institutional clients, family offices and foundations interested in sustainable wealth management. It is for clients looking to invest in and further catalyse the positive evolutionary developments taking place within industries and the economy and those companies that are best positioned to thrive.

Further opportunities for learning

Through its global summits, Julius Baer provides you with access to experienced and dedicated Julius Baer specialists, as well as to some of the greatest visionaries of our time. This way, you can learn more about suitable solutions to preserve and grow wealth, derived from a modern investment attitude and based on Julius Baer’s comprehensive investment competence.

Further information

Are you interested in learning more about Next Generation at Julius Baer? Your relationship manager would be delighted to provide you with more detailed information.